Jozina Mulder

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   Animals are precious Beings      offering unconditional Love


Do you know your animal helps you? 

Your animalfriend helps you relax, cuddles with you, makes you laugh, protects you or takes you out into nature. 

Your dear one helps you all the time, and much of this help  you do not notice because it is invisible.

All pets, furry babies or animalfriends, it doesn't matter how you call them, they are absorbing tension and stress or mirror your behavior 24/7! I call them angels because of this Unconditional Love Behavior!

Because of this "work" they do to help you 24/7, there may occur imbalance in the body or spirit of your dear one. It can no longer release the tension. This tension forms blockages in the meridians which can let to inexplicable behavior, illness or pain.

Please help your dearest animalfriend when it's  feeling not well or when you have a desire to be more connected with it. 

A session by email or skype gives healing and insights. 

I have been working with cats, dogs, rabbits, donkeys and horses. All animal species are welcome! 

Would you like to help your dear pet? 
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Thank you so much for joining the Valentine 's gift to win a free session for your dear one! Love and Light, Jozina
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8 and More 

Benefits for your beloved animal and you!

The healing activates en stimulates the selfhealingability of your dear one.      

The flow of the meridians will be balanced again.

The healing also helps the animal with letting go of tension. 

This treatment will help your animal to find its natural balance again.

You will be able to help your animal on so many levels.

You will understand your animal better.

You will experience even more love and joy in your connection with your animal.

Your animal can stay at home during this session and relax.




   Sky and Joy





Els Basten 

Jozina has followed various training sessions with me in working with animals. In this, she also didn't avoided the challenge and worked through each process with love and also force getting closer to herself.

Partly because of these processes she is now able to work with 

unconditional love and devotion to animals at a high level. She works by 

using subtle and high energies to help animals and bring people and 

animals closer together.


Yojana about her cat Gatolfo

Hello Jozina!

I speak a little english so i will try to do it . I think it's a good idea that the story be published, i saw a huge change on my cat, and your help for telling us what he needed, what he missed, which were his worry helped us too much to make the changes. Gatolfo is very happy now, everything you told us was so true. His hair is beautifull now, is very soft, he is lazy, becames crazy with meat smell and he loves to steel the portion of his brothers.We really appreciate your help, the doctor sended him medicine for the depression but we thought it was too strong for him, so my husband Hugo and i decided to give him more attention, he is fine now, thank you so much for the help. 

Many greetings, Yojana S├ínchez,  Mexico


Joy, Sky and Brenda 

After experience Jozina's beautiful loving reading for our cats Joy and Sky, my contact with them has come to a deeper heart level. The way Jozina talks about and with the animals is so inspiring, so honorable and contactful, listening to it has opened my heart. And every time I feel my heart closes again and I see one of the cats, I think how Jozina lovingly spoke about them and then I can connect again and feel my heart open again. I think that is the greatest gift of Jozina's beautiful readings for me. In addition, the turmoil (which caused them to go to places and use it as a toilet that were not intended) totally disappeared and they are fine and good again! Thank you, Jozina, for your powerful contact with our treasures ( cats ) for your big heart and deep wisdom. Love Brenda


Rata and Astrea

The reading / healing to my sweet dog Rata by Jozina was really a huge gift for both Rata and me. reading the report gives me a feeling of deep love, and this reading has made me more aware of the great loving soul Rata is.So much wisdom and so much love ... I was actually quiet about it. It made our relationship even better (and we were so close!). I recognized most of what Jozina mentioned and it also confirmed so much to me what I had intuitively felt with her, for example, what she likes and what not. I also had to really laugh at certain details Rata came up with. Rata said, for example, that she likes to cook the pan with food I make for the dogs. And now I enjoy having more of her panning, knowing how she likes it and how grateful she is. What was a very good concrete tip was to put a blanket on Rata when there is fireworks because they are very afraid of it. It's such a wonderful feeling to be able to assist your loved ones if they are having trouble and to understand what they need. Also, that Jozina Rata could help relieve stress felt so nice, they do so much for us, our animals, and they sometimes need a backing to keep in balance. Since then, I recommend to anyone with pets to receive a reading / healing from Jozina for your pet (even if animals are not "sick" because it gives you pet and you so much ... It's so worth it !! Really enriching. 

Love, Astrea Geertsema & Rata Mexico


Pip en Sanne 

I was not yet familiar with animal healing until Jozina had done a healingsession with our other cat Henry. Due to her way of working and the information we received from him, I became excited to do that with Pip. The healing had focused Jozina especially on her belly as it is her sensitivest part of het body. The next day we saw all the difference. She became playful again, happier and came to us for cuttling. And since then it's been a bit better with her every day. They really become the old Pip. She eats catsweets again, challenges me again and runs the room like crazy. The healing has helped us, but especially her. Love, Sanne Seubring.



I contacted Jozina because my friend her dear cat Tommietom was missing. We were very relieved and happywe found him by directions of Jozina.

Tommietom was reunited with his sweet " boss" whom was 88 years  of age at that time.

Now 1 year later, I contacted Jozina again because he was missing again, maybe because his boss has died.. ...Now again, this lovely Jozina has helped to find cat Tommietom!.

I am very happy~! Thank you so much Jozina you ve done a great job!

Riet Veugelers


Thank you!!